Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Tiger Woods y'all Tiger Tiger Woods y'all

See what happens when you get drafted by the blacks? Reports surfaced Friday afternoon about T. Woods being injured in a car wreck outside his crib. Smashing into a hydrant and a tree. Later that night, CNN was reporting that Tiger's wife aided in his rescue by smashing the car window and dragging him out to safety. Bullshit I called. See earlier this week the net got hold of a story to be published in the Enquirer covering Tiger's alleged mistress. And now this days later? You don't need a PHD to add 1 and 1 and get 2. Today TMZ is taking the leap and saying that his wife Ike Turnered him. C'mon Son. Really? What happened to that On-Star G? Hang in there Dunny, it's just a rough patch you'll be back on the fairway in no time. That's what happens when you try to sink a hole in one birdie.

Friday, November 27, 2009

That dude

I haven't been a fan of this guys police moves, runnin around the NBA ready to tell on people. He's taken his shots, creepin on his wife, but he has done a lot with his celebrity to help children, and for that I applaud him. He's taken it a step further, touched by the murder of Shinya Davis, Shaq has stepped up to pay for her funeral. Classy move big guy.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full Circle

Peep the math and do your history. Russ had 2 white mc's. Not wanting to put out two separate acts, he paired them up and created 3rd.Base with Pete Nice and MC Search. Together they helped bring out KMD who helped inspire their banger 'The Gas Face' (check the video). After losing his brother DJ Sub Rock, and going a little skitzo, Zev Love X became MF Doom. Doom a dope producer and MC has had a lengthy underground rep, doing mad work with Ghostface, Mad Lib, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and more. Kurious signed thru Search and Columbia dropped a underground classic in the 90's. Here they are together on a song from George's album...enjoy

better unsaid

You find out one day that you're adopted. Ok, hard enough. You should be happy, because someone took care of your stankin ass. But the human urge to know id strong. Have I walked past my real parents? Do I have brothers and sisters, are they famous? Matthew Roberts wanted to know the truth, and it slapped him right in the face. Matthew found out his father, the man who raped his mother is Charles Manson.

Happy Hell Day

Big Up EggaG and Mike

This Is How You Do A Sequel

OB4CL2 was that madness, Ghost always bring it, and the vibe on that Wu-Ohh was crazy. I'm officially amped up for this. Even Meth soundin fresh again. Missed those snaps too!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Is this the hottest joint out right now? The video some slick shit? Nah, and nope. But what this does have going for it is respect. Respect cat's that put out this type of alternative to the norm. Respect the tome both of these dudes have given to the game.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This takes driving while texting to another level.

Before I Self Destruct

I know Fif got them lawyers on retainer so I'll tread lightly. For your viewing pleasure, "Before I Self Destruct" the flick written directed and staring 50 cent. I heard he even handle craft services, and was the dolly grip.

Before I Self Destruct Full Movie MORE ON from Igloo LLC on Vimeo.


Parents these days. They always used to say, 'I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out'. They're takin it too literally these days. This is Jamar Pinkney. He got word that his son was molesting his step, 1/2 whatever yo want to call it sister, Jamar's daughter in another relationship. Pop duke did what a lot of people only talk about and took it upon himself to see son on what transpired. He lumped him up, took him out back and left off into his nugget until jr was no more. My first reaction was torn on one hand he took matters into his own hands which is wrong, and illegal. On the other side, he told himself no son of mine is going to grow up doing this shit. On the first hand, kid was 15 years old. Back cross town, if someone is harming your 3 year old daughter...awww hell naw, that fucker's gonna pay. And then it hit me. Father of the year should have played a stringer part from the gate keeping his family together molding, monitoring his son, and maybe, just maybe this wouldn't have happened. People laugh, and talk about it, but T-Baby told you, 'It's sooo cold in the D'

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Worst Mother EVER

I don't car if your mom punished you for throwing a party, wouldn't let you drive the car, beat you with an extension cord (your punk ass probably deserved it). But if she never sold you into sexual slavery, then you need to call that woman and thank her for not being this sick ass chick.

That's Antoinette Davis mother of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis who was found dead today. R.I.P.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Not a huuuge Jeezy fan like that, but this beat is crazy. And I fucks with the word play on this piece.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank a Vet

If it weren't for thousands of men and women who gave their life, I wouldn't be able to sit here talking the shit I do. If it weren't for thousands of fallen Americans I might be speaking Russian as my native language. If it weren't for the veterans of today and yesterday, the world I know now might not exist. Thank you all for your tireless efforts to preserve the American way of life. I appreciate this country, while still nursing the black eye it has left me with. I embrace the freedoms it has offered me, while never taking my eye off of those in power who would trample upon my rights. In every fighting force, there are the Lee Harvey's, the John Allen Muhammed's, and the Maj. Hasan's. Soldiers who for one reason or another lost their way, and move on to threatening the lives they once took an oath to protect. I could never take up arms for a country. Even one that has been so good to me. I will protect my family, and the lives of loved ones around me. Maybe it's a selfish streak to say that. I can't envision what it takes to offer up myself for some schmuck who doesn't care one way weather I live or die. One who would protest against my action miles away because they see a few pics of sad kids. I support our troops, and appreciate the service. I pray for the families missing a brother, father, sister or mother. And I hope for a day when this can all be a faded memory, when there are no wars left to fight that require more than a joystick and game consul. May the Lord be with us all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mailnly an excuse to post this salty ass rant again...

I don't like Boosie's music all that much, talk all hard in life, but got that squeaky ass voice when he raps. But I do respect some of what the ni99a do in real life. This, I can't co-sign. If you ain''t know, Boosie Sore Bad Ass got 2 years for gun and drug charges. He must have had a good lawyer cuz he was also lookin at bribery charges for questioning just how dirty the cop was. Out on bond until it was time to do his bid, this nut ass fool was violatin and got violated. The judge doubled his time and well, see for yourself Lol: "better known as Little Boosie"

Kick Back Bully

M.O.P. warned you fools

Friday, November 6, 2009

One of these guys...

One of these guys came out of Cher's snatch. The other is the funny dude from Super Bad. Who's who?

Left: Jonah Hill Right: Cher's one time daughter now son Chaz Bono
Sonny Bono... rest in confusion

talk of the weak 2 parter: Breezy under the bus (head) & They shootin!

1: This is not about his guilt as established in court. This is not about the wrong that is domestic violence. It's not about Rihanna or Chris haters, or fans. It's about how this shit won't go away and we can let it bubble over until the next album drops. How a terrible event can be used for publicity, example: "Rihanna, who's new album is dropping this month, appeared on GMA" The old saying goes it takes two to tango, and she know the steps. She should have known after the first '8 or 9 times' that this ni99a think he's Ike Turner. He should have known what type of man he is, and can be pushed to, and what type of chick she is. Kids, done a relationship like this.

2. First Fort Hood, and now Orlando. They shootin ni99a...DUCK!!! What's with everybody poppin off this week? That F.H. ish is crazy, r.i.p. First 3 possible shooters down to one crazy a-rab. I use that term in jest. His family is denying him, and Jordan the counrty (not the weed smokin hoopster) is denying dude like, 'nah son, that crazy muh fucka ain't one of ours!' Stop me if I'm wrong, but these were soldiers, paid to protect and fight for our country...and nobody had a piece to stop him earlier? This dude was a mental doctor too. Somethin ain't right y'all check the water and pass on the Kool Aide.
Orlando. Son, you been fired for like two years, you still holdin that grudge? Times are ill peoples. Hold you head, pray for your fam, and let's keep it movin in an orderly fashion. one love.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Brewer - Stop the violence

This kid lies in a hospital bed, hooked to a respirator. Burned over 65% of his body. What did he do? Owed another kid $40 bucks for a video game. Then he told police who stole his dad's bike as retaliation for that debt. 5 teens surrounded him, while he was doused and set on fire. Called a snitch, some of the kids found it funny while being questioned by police. This is Michael Brewer. He could be your son. Your nephew, or child's buddy. Ok, he should have come up with that paper, but half of you love on credit you don't have muh fuckas from Visa at your door with gas and bic. I know kids can mouth off, and be dicks. But this ain't the way y'all.

If you want to help Michael Brewer and his family with hospital bills and other expenses,
Make a payment directly to the Jackson Memorial Foundation

* Go to
* Click on “Make a Donation”
* Put in the Contribution Amount
* Under Contribution Details, click on “Other” and type in “Fund # 353”
* Then fill out the Contributor Info and Payment Info
* Click “Submit Your Donation”

Story of the weak / get off my log

So this B.S. thing is the talk of the weak. Hov addressed it from Canada, saying the ball was in lil man's court and he fucked it up. Dame No Cash Dash has yet to comment on the accusations yet, (maybe when his rock album's done). 50 had to chime in and C-The God was canned possibly with no relation to this, but he touched Beans and now he's got cootie karma. It's just too little too late for me. None of these are new gripes, so why now? Drop a few stacks on a cat, and ready to do / say anything in a booth. Where's all the paper you had on them songs? You ready to ride on anybody for your boss? You ain't grow up with this dude, pitch burners with this cat, lay up in the same room while he bonin, share a pair of kicks. Go grab Jaz-O and y'all go do a song together, get Pain in da Ass to do the intro. One.