Friday, November 19, 2010

Puuuullllll Uppppp!!!

Subliminals let off? Maybe. Baddest chick in hip hop with that reggae style? Check! If you from NY, you get used to hearin a lot of accents, and we like to try them on. If you have roots in certain places, even though you may not carry a steady accent you're around enough family and friends to get to a place wher you can rock one with the right attitude. I give Kim her props, she puts on a good effort. I liked a few of he times she's gone there. Foxxy and Nicki both have Trini roots so it's real natural. The Minaj version fell into a pile of cameos that got kinda lost for me. Now to the woman of the post. You kind of forget sometimes about Brown; oh, but what can brown do for you. She's put in time with Sizzla, and Spraga in classic island records, and kills it again on this version of the Gyptian blazer.

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