Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Chocolate

Square Biz, the big homie Rick James gave her the cosign, her skills did the rest. Open since a shorty, she kept some smooth soul on ice for you punk bishes.

She was also about protecting Rick's legacy, and she was signed to Cash Money at a time. This is for Teena M. Baby! R.I.P.

hold it down til I get there, want to hear the next duet.
side bar, why all these great musicians die around this bogus ass holiday Christmas? don't get me started.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trice time's the charm

Nah the nigga don't need a deal, don't get it fucked up homey. He need a joint venture, put out his best most even work to date and put his people on, get some residuals. Trice hit me in the head a few times, but it was like findin niggas in Alaska. You see 'em, oh we there, ...but you get the picture. Not up there with Cry Now which has the title for me, and not at the bottom. Solid man, do your thing.

gal a shine

for some reason out of the new crop of female mc's I want this chick to win. My man is biggin that Nitty Scott MC broad hard, and she aliiiiiight. This right here is straight. I see her team still testin the waters with different shit, don't be afraid it's cool nuh.

Cry Now

Why so long for a Joel Ortiz post? I don't know I'm jus fuckin crazy like that. I thought y'all already knew? J.O. from B.K. with that Battle Cry. Keep paying dues ock, it's comin.

He who laughs last

This lil dude gettin it in right now. Crazy. Got them Michael-esque tones. He's really puttin some shit together now. It appears Gottii was holdin him back. The fact that he did joints with Lloyd Banks, and now 50 is funny right there. Is it a case of Nas theory 'now you wanna hang with niggas I hung with' , subliminal jab by 50or is LLoyd just going where the action is? I used to hear this cat talk in interviews and think he was funny. he seemed a bit arrogant and talky. Yeah he had been on some records, and I did like that 8Ball and MJG joint ()but he was unproven talent to me. Well Lloyd, welcome to a new day. Either way, this is a nice record.