Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joy and Pain...

Love is some powerful shit. Familia love, or for a spouse/significant other it makes the world go 'round and life worth living; or giving up when you loose it all. You ever love somebody that much? You ever been loved that much?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've often wondered myself...

Thanks to DJ Menace and the crew, this was funny. Personally, I ain't in nobody else bedroom to call another m.f. gay. Nor do I really care what you do on your own time, keep that to your damn self. This is something that wouldn't surprise me at all.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Why B? I mean really, why? When it's all said and done, was it really worth it? I mean, for me it was, but damn homie. Fucking hiii-laaarriouuussss. !Aye No!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

respect due...o.g.'s puttin in work

I've liked Naughty, they've had their moments, and they have brought a lot into the game. I'm sure Trech would be the first to say at times they've been knuckleheads, and that's why I couldn't always fuck with them. This song is a good look though. It's good to see some elder cats in hip hop not trying to put out that bullshit and keeping it 100 with the younger crowd. Nice to see Jaheim come thru with Kay Gee who helped bring him in the game too. Ice T, you on t.v. everyweek, you couldnt deliver thoughs lines better? Marc John Jefferies... you've come a long way since those Losing Isaiah and those annoying ass computer commercials; to Lil 50 in Get Rich... and Lil Cease in Notorious. Jobe well done. Keep working b.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 shit

Fav Movie: The Town - good action, dope acting. Good jobs by Renna and Afleck. R.I.P. Pete Postlewaite. Runner Up - Inception - I like Chris Nolan's films, it was nice to see him step away from The Dark Knight series with some other shit.
Slept on Gem: Leaves of Grass - Excellent acting form Ed Norton, and Tim Blake (who knew this cat could direct?). Great story, and cameos (Richard Dreyfus)it had everything; love, violence, weed, a Wire cast member appearance, and crossbows. Crossbows bitch.

Album: Kanye West - M.D.T.F. a lot better than I thought it would be. I didn't download, but I didn't pay either. These days, if you can still find some worth paying for music it's good. Loved the Ross verse on, "Devil..." Chris Rock on "Blame Game" and a lot more. Worth the price of admission.
Throwback Sound - Cee Lo "Old Fashioned". I didn't immediately like "Fuck You", I thought it was a weak gimmick based on the title. 2nd listens made it a little better, but Old Fashioned from the mix on out was just fire. Runner up - Bruno Mars - I didn't really go in for that B.O.B. or Travis features. I did take note, and was receptive to Grenade, and Liquor Store Blues.

T.V. Lost my beloved Lost. I wasn't feeling the ending all that much. It was ok, but after the build up, and years invested, anything short of a mother fucker actually walking out of my screen was gonna be a let down.
Best In Show: Eastbound and Down - Yeah I'm a year late, but season 2 is here and so am I.

Fav Blog: Bossip. I like the writing. And F.U. to Media Takeout. I know I should look away, but it's some of the most catty, trashy unintelligent shit out there. Misspelling, no time taking rushed out garbage that perpetuates the worst stereotypes. Probably owned by the government.

Online video Network: Worldstar Hip Hop - These motha fuckas got it all. I know they fuck with M.T.O., but they have it all. You want to see Kat Stacks stiff ass fake cans? World Star my dude. You want a Chinese dude fried by an electric pole? Dominican molester bitched out in the pen? Fights, fucks, fists, fire ass trees, fake thugs, fresh music? These motha fuckas got that shit! The differences between them and Vlad are huge. Probably owned by the government.

Dude trying to run out his one pony as late in the race as possible to build hype for a song that wasn't even all that: Skillz 2010 wrap up.

Fav Politico : Allen West - A black dude former military with and independent streak. I can't mess with the Kane Era flat top, even Colon Powell got the Cesar. I'm watchin you son.
Least Fav: Donna Milo - Former man current woman running for congress. Yeah ok.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Marsha. It's a statement. First thoughts...ahhhh shit A. Keys watch ya back. The thought train picks up speed...ok she doing her thing, they (her as a part of Floetry) should have done a whole album for Michael, they would have done him justice... that dude looks like Hits...she looks good, got a sizable jaw law, but good...that dude looks like Boris Kodjoe... ... ... w..t..f...yeah thats how it goes down...suicide, it figures. the first time you get something right in your life and it's your last. Most people once having faced death wonder what it is to control their own existence. To decide when we get off the train of life. There is so much more to llive for. I'm sorry that her friend felt pushed into making that decision, but I hold no special soft spot for that. Then I had to watch it again. How they played it up so simply that she was 'with' her friend. How in love it's the simple things that make relationships so special, and we're all allowed to feel that in life. I get it. The assumptions of what we think we know, and how it affects others. Fear, hate, it's all in there. That was a job well done.