Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Marsha. It's a statement. First thoughts...ahhhh shit A. Keys watch ya back. The thought train picks up speed...ok she doing her thing, they (her as a part of Floetry) should have done a whole album for Michael, they would have done him justice... that dude looks like Hits...she looks good, got a sizable jaw law, but good...that dude looks like Boris Kodjoe... ... ... w..t..f...yeah thats how it goes down...suicide, it figures. the first time you get something right in your life and it's your last. Most people once having faced death wonder what it is to control their own existence. To decide when we get off the train of life. There is so much more to llive for. I'm sorry that her friend felt pushed into making that decision, but I hold no special soft spot for that. Then I had to watch it again. How they played it up so simply that she was 'with' her friend. How in love it's the simple things that make relationships so special, and we're all allowed to feel that in life. I get it. The assumptions of what we think we know, and how it affects others. Fear, hate, it's all in there. That was a job well done.

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