Thursday, December 31, 2009

w.t.f. maaaan?

This muh fuka right here needs the electric chair, or his balls cut off. A doctor who has videos of himself sexually abusing children. You can't even take your kid to the doctor without being worried that they're gonna try to molest them. Motha fuka my kid is sick and you trying to get your rocks off? I'm a shove more than a thermometer up your ass, and you can tell me the temperature in hell.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Late Pass - Jay Electronica

I've known the name, Eryka Badu's baby daddy, Nas intro producer, staff carrier. Yeah, that guy. He can't be good, that cat don't look like a live mc. Just flipped some Billy Stewart, and son got into the pocket. Riding that groove like a needle son laced part 3 of his exhibit trilogy. Check for A which is dope, and B where Mos comes off too. Back to Jay, from the beginning to end this dude controls the sh*t out of this beat. Respect. Sorry for walking into class and disturbing the lecture. Proceed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

World in trouble...FREE BUJU BANTON

I'm not a gay man, so I've never had a problem with Buju Banton. Boom Bye Bye has garnered Buju a lot of unwanted attention. A song released in the 90's made Gargamel a target for gay rights activists for a long time. I've sat with Buju who turned Rasta in the mid 90's. Even was amazed that he reached out to gay rights groups, a move that could be career suicide with his core fan base. So, I was shocked to read that Buju caught a charge and his loungin in a Miami jail. What kind of charge? Weed? Gay attack? Nah, homey got clipped on conspiracy charges of 5 bricks of ye. Hold your head. Til Shiloh fam, one love Ras.

Friday, December 11, 2009

zzzzztt zzzzttt TASER Bully

I love watching these types of videos. you can always tell a lot about people's character from watching the side line moves. The defender's cool as a mutha as she side steps the drama lookin at the judge like 'what the?!?!'. Fat man with the billy goatee thinks he's gonna one hand grab him before he's wheeled out the way as the bailiffs rush the scene. The first two to tackle him were ready to act, big man in the back was quick to unclip ready to tase; he's the last one in, and it looks like he hid behind the wall on that Danny Glover, 'I'm too old for this s*it'. My man working the door to the beatdown room ushered in the last homie like 'come on you takin too long I'm losing prime beating time'.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

throwback joint of the day... I Luh Her

I think 'Put It In Your Mouth' killed Akinyele. Before that he was live at the BBQ, after that he ate at the Vagin Dina on his first album. A straight classic. Beats by Large Professor, and dope ass lyrics and metaphors is what Ak possessed. I can dig a lot of people were thrown but his style of stretching words. Please understand people it was the early 90's and before auto-tune was poppin people did a lot of wacky things to set themselves apart. So cuz of the title, and politics, my man from Queens bricked. But he had street love, peep Ak in Jay-Z's "Streets is Watching". Then he gets the loop that birth his biggest hit 'Put it in your mouth' woooooow!!!! I went to clubs around the country and everyone knew that song. Figuring that's what people wanted, he became the pring of that sex rhyme shit, i effect killing whatever shot he had at mainstream-ish underground rap. The backpackers had no use for him, and once those older cats got out the strip clubs and wifed up, they ain't want to hear the ish no more. So from that classic 94 banger, the seldom seen, 'I Luh Her'

Album version:

Video Version: Thanks to

the world don't stop

Soldier of Love Remix. Ny fav thus far.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jersey Bully

C'mon now! That ain't right... But it doesn't matter who you are, anyone can get it.

Update**** this dude is a teacher in Queens! He's been put on probation after the airing of this footage.

how video works....

Been hearing good things bout this album. Wasn't feelin that Neo collab, even though wifey was. Wasn't sold on this either, enjoyed a few punch lines, but the video took it to another level. Props to the camp. Good ish.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Internet Bully Exclusive Tiger Woods phone call

This ish is going too far! What did Tiger do to y'all? This is between the Cla-bl-asian and his woman, not the whole neighborhood. He got his ticket for funkin up tax payer property why does everyone want their pint of blood from this guy. I'm gonna be the black man I am and say it's race. Mad this guy, whether he wants to be identified as black or not, has all this money, married to this pretty white girl, and it's news what the funk he did with his club and balls. Yes it's celebrity, but we're not talking hookers, drugs and politics. People who don't watch any golf, never spent a dime on his merch have a lot to say...about nothing.