Friday, December 11, 2009

zzzzztt zzzzttt TASER Bully

I love watching these types of videos. you can always tell a lot about people's character from watching the side line moves. The defender's cool as a mutha as she side steps the drama lookin at the judge like 'what the?!?!'. Fat man with the billy goatee thinks he's gonna one hand grab him before he's wheeled out the way as the bailiffs rush the scene. The first two to tackle him were ready to act, big man in the back was quick to unclip ready to tase; he's the last one in, and it looks like he hid behind the wall on that Danny Glover, 'I'm too old for this s*it'. My man working the door to the beatdown room ushered in the last homie like 'come on you takin too long I'm losing prime beating time'.

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