Thursday, December 10, 2009

throwback joint of the day... I Luh Her

I think 'Put It In Your Mouth' killed Akinyele. Before that he was live at the BBQ, after that he ate at the Vagin Dina on his first album. A straight classic. Beats by Large Professor, and dope ass lyrics and metaphors is what Ak possessed. I can dig a lot of people were thrown but his style of stretching words. Please understand people it was the early 90's and before auto-tune was poppin people did a lot of wacky things to set themselves apart. So cuz of the title, and politics, my man from Queens bricked. But he had street love, peep Ak in Jay-Z's "Streets is Watching". Then he gets the loop that birth his biggest hit 'Put it in your mouth' woooooow!!!! I went to clubs around the country and everyone knew that song. Figuring that's what people wanted, he became the pring of that sex rhyme shit, i effect killing whatever shot he had at mainstream-ish underground rap. The backpackers had no use for him, and once those older cats got out the strip clubs and wifed up, they ain't want to hear the ish no more. So from that classic 94 banger, the seldom seen, 'I Luh Her'

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