Saturday, December 12, 2009

World in trouble...FREE BUJU BANTON

I'm not a gay man, so I've never had a problem with Buju Banton. Boom Bye Bye has garnered Buju a lot of unwanted attention. A song released in the 90's made Gargamel a target for gay rights activists for a long time. I've sat with Buju who turned Rasta in the mid 90's. Even was amazed that he reached out to gay rights groups, a move that could be career suicide with his core fan base. So, I was shocked to read that Buju caught a charge and his loungin in a Miami jail. What kind of charge? Weed? Gay attack? Nah, homey got clipped on conspiracy charges of 5 bricks of ye. Hold your head. Til Shiloh fam, one love Ras.

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