Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Only In America

Don King wasn't bullshittin when he said that. Ok, the tea party Republicans in So.Fl have a candidate running for congress and her name is Donna Milo. Donna wasn't always Donna; she was once Ed Milo.

A child of Cuban refugees, 'she' has her biography listed on her website. While it goes into great detail about her, including marrying her high school sweetheart, opening business, and raising a family, it neglects to tell you she did this as a man. Politically correctly, I don't care who she chooses to be or bone. I just think her biography is a little light and deceitful. While Donna is also opposed to gay marriage, it seems hypocritical considering the facts.

ewwww you can't be serious.

I won't even repost this garbage but Bently and Anthony Hamilton have a song together. That shiii is the worst!! Who the fuc is bankrolling this trash?

Yep, He killed it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kuff this word cup ish!

It's only been one day and I'm already not feeling this soccer bidness. I've been hearing it's the true world sport because more people play it, and are involved in the 4year tourney of time wasting. Part Jamaican, so I should love it. Part Jamaican so I'd rather be bunin trees. And I've been trying...oh I've been trying. What the hell is up with those damn horns? It sounds like a swarm of bees! Driving me crazy! These dudes run back and forth for 90 mins for a point. Sometimes they tie, and both still advance. Where they do that at? That's some little kid ish. I can also understand saying fuk it after 90mins I wouldn't want waste another second either. At least make a goal worth 4 points or something. A score of 4 nothing might make me feel like I did some ish. The plus side? I will have aged 4 years before I have to hear about this damn game again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

did you hear the one about...?

I scan the latest story. 30 something gets 13yr old girl pregnant and she has a self done abortion, with a pencil. A fuckin pencil! The only time I used a pencil when I was 13, was when I had to take out a trusty #2 in order to take a test. There was always, 'that girl' in school. The one who knew more than she should have about certain things. In my school she was 'dating' the 20-something drug dealer. You don't think about the legalities at that age. It's just unfair to you that somebody has that much of an advantage when you're trying to get some. What troubles me now is this fascination we have with these types of stories. I used to get disgusted, outraged, horrified. I've know too many girls in my life who have been taken advantage of sexually, raped, molested. I've seen the damage it does to families, and children. I would despise the perpetrator, the cousin, neighbor, classmate, uncle...trusted professional. It seems sometimes that there are more of them, then there are of us. Keeping a watchfule eye on the media, I wanted to track this story back to the source. I've played the telephone game, and seen how things get twisted. Facts become thin as the either when outrage and fury take hold. I found various boards repeating this "new" story. Comments that ran from blaming the teen, to death threats for the responsible adult. It will probably reach CNN in a day or two. But I'm fed y'all. Tired. Weary. Here I am on my soapbox again for who's benefit? Fuck you.


Been a Redman fan from day 1. Haven't posted in a while, but shiz' about to change muh funka...