Wednesday, January 12, 2011

respect due...o.g.'s puttin in work

I've liked Naughty, they've had their moments, and they have brought a lot into the game. I'm sure Trech would be the first to say at times they've been knuckleheads, and that's why I couldn't always fuck with them. This song is a good look though. It's good to see some elder cats in hip hop not trying to put out that bullshit and keeping it 100 with the younger crowd. Nice to see Jaheim come thru with Kay Gee who helped bring him in the game too. Ice T, you on t.v. everyweek, you couldnt deliver thoughs lines better? Marc John Jefferies... you've come a long way since those Losing Isaiah and those annoying ass computer commercials; to Lil 50 in Get Rich... and Lil Cease in Notorious. Jobe well done. Keep working b.

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