Friday, February 25, 2011


This is the perfect look for this album. Fuck all the hype of how long it took. Fuck you. Who the fuck are you to pressure somebody? I don't know how the cd is gonna be. What I do know is that's some of Marshall's best writing right thre. I wasn't fuckin with his last few cds like that, and fuck Love the Way you Lie, this right here is some gut wrenching shit. Honest. Brash. Bold. A few words that come time mind the way he put Dre in check on that 2nd verse. Dre's courage to put that out, and open up his life for this album is to be commended. It's hard when we want to judge an artist by a song or album. 'This song ain't shit, that album ain't sellin', we say. Not realizing that you have to step back and look at a career to be able to asses what a human who happens to make beats and rap, has really gone thru and brought to the table. One question, where's video of D.O.C.? It didn't jar them reliving what really happened to the Texas legend to at least put in a clip of Funky Enough? Is he a part of the fake friends brigade that Dre mentions? Thumbs up on this one

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