Sunday, October 25, 2009

objective hate

So Cormega feel a certain way about Drake. I'm not even mad at what he said. Gassed up by some radio dude, he spoke to the left, alright. My problem is a few days later he's all like 'I ain't got beef with Drake'. No doubt, you probably never spent 5 mins in a room with cat unless you bought a ticket. I saw it start happenin a few years ago, you can't have a negative opinion of something without being a 'hater'. Sometimes, you just don't like some ish, it ain't nothing. A passionate as you can be about one thing, the next man can feel as strong about not liking it. Now if you refuse to acknowledge why others may like ish, then yes, your ass is a hater. Back to Mega's off beat rhymin ass; is he jelly of Drake's paper, fans, success? Can't stand to see someone with some paper who just happens to like rap? I mean Drake's style is real transparent after 3 songs. You heard one, you heard 'em all, yes people are shook of your skills, you got paper, you want people to love you, and all the b*tches already do. What else you got nukka? Mega's pretty much the same, but he's been at it longer. Time's up B. It's a wrap, and that joint you did with Yayo was some real trash ish. Don't fold up a few days later hoping to keep this dumb ish alive. Say, mean it, and keep it movin. By the way he also has a new cd. Check if you must.

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