Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shyne Deported

So Shyne is going back to Belize, and a lot of people are upset. So? F*ck a Shyne. What has he done for humanity? What has he done for hip hop? I knew B.I.G., and when this dude rolled in, it was on the strength that he was a B.I.G. sound-a-like. Black Rob could have warned him, The Lox should have. Caught up in that Puff magic, and he ends up hung out to dry for 10 joints. Shyt Ma$e had to go find God after dealing that devil. His estranged dad is Prime Minister, maybe he can continue his path of making something out of himself by repairing that relationship. You know how many inner city youths never know their pop? Let alone have one that has done something and made a name for themself. I don't pitty Shyne one bit. Slick Rick went through that and more when he was trying to defend his life and family. This ninja was partying!!! So, I say so long, have a good trip.

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