Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here's my asshole...

Thy say opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Hopefully this one isn't that crusty and smells decent. They tried to run son for the okey doke. Straight up. His media presence has been a distraction from his music for me. I come from an era where dudes wanted mass appeal, but it was aways best to stay in the underground and keep the crossover. This dude embraces it in almost everything he does. When he dropped the color bomb on the fundraiser, all I could do was laugh. Fuck George Bush, I'm shure in his day people have said alot worse about him. I know it wasn't on this type of platform, in an age like the one we live in; but correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't somebody throw a shoe at this motha fucka? In the country he claimed to have liberated from tyranny? Matt just want him to drop the apology, he wants the exclusive, the mea culpa with the cameras rolling for the big rating. 'Look how I broke him, he embarassed my president, on my network...he's toast'. You can see that dude was emo. Shiiiit I would be too siting up there. I can understand them referencing the Bush clip. Even the Taylor Swift to a degree, but we were there (those of us amused by the bullshit, and those roped in to it by way of our consciousness) we didn't need to see the clip, or hear it. With all due respect, if you're asking the man a question, why do you want to have the audio playing overhead? If the interview is being pre-taped, then why do you need sound, or to cut to the clip anyway? At that point to apologize further when you're not in Bush's face isjust overkill. It's someone who has an opinion and an asshole trying to dig into you when it's none of their business, it's just business.

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