Thursday, November 11, 2010

I would hang with this cat...

As I'm sure most people would. I found this clip hilarious. Shows what a marriage can be like when you're with the right person, and you can laugh at each other and keep it 100. A lot is being made the last few days over statistics that show 70 something percent of black women are single mothers. Now, maybe that's true. Maybe they are unwed and doing a lil somethin to keep some monies coming in, but have a partner that supports them and raises his child. I chose the marriage route. I love my wife and want more for my kid(s) then I had growing up. I knew on my 10th birthday when my father, (who I never saw until he died later that year) didn't reached out to me, what type of father I wanted to be. I know situations come up in every one's life. Today it might be, 'oh, I can't fuck with her', and tomorrow "I can't live without that chick'. But let go sometimes and take a chance. We only live this thing called life once

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