Thursday, November 19, 2009


Parents these days. They always used to say, 'I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out'. They're takin it too literally these days. This is Jamar Pinkney. He got word that his son was molesting his step, 1/2 whatever yo want to call it sister, Jamar's daughter in another relationship. Pop duke did what a lot of people only talk about and took it upon himself to see son on what transpired. He lumped him up, took him out back and left off into his nugget until jr was no more. My first reaction was torn on one hand he took matters into his own hands which is wrong, and illegal. On the other side, he told himself no son of mine is going to grow up doing this shit. On the first hand, kid was 15 years old. Back cross town, if someone is harming your 3 year old daughter...awww hell naw, that fucker's gonna pay. And then it hit me. Father of the year should have played a stringer part from the gate keeping his family together molding, monitoring his son, and maybe, just maybe this wouldn't have happened. People laugh, and talk about it, but T-Baby told you, 'It's sooo cold in the D'

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