Monday, November 2, 2009

Story of the weak / get off my log

So this B.S. thing is the talk of the weak. Hov addressed it from Canada, saying the ball was in lil man's court and he fucked it up. Dame No Cash Dash has yet to comment on the accusations yet, (maybe when his rock album's done). 50 had to chime in and C-The God was canned possibly with no relation to this, but he touched Beans and now he's got cootie karma. It's just too little too late for me. None of these are new gripes, so why now? Drop a few stacks on a cat, and ready to do / say anything in a booth. Where's all the paper you had on them songs? You ready to ride on anybody for your boss? You ain't grow up with this dude, pitch burners with this cat, lay up in the same room while he bonin, share a pair of kicks. Go grab Jaz-O and y'all go do a song together, get Pain in da Ass to do the intro. One.

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