Friday, November 6, 2009

talk of the weak 2 parter: Breezy under the bus (head) & They shootin!

1: This is not about his guilt as established in court. This is not about the wrong that is domestic violence. It's not about Rihanna or Chris haters, or fans. It's about how this shit won't go away and we can let it bubble over until the next album drops. How a terrible event can be used for publicity, example: "Rihanna, who's new album is dropping this month, appeared on GMA" The old saying goes it takes two to tango, and she know the steps. She should have known after the first '8 or 9 times' that this ni99a think he's Ike Turner. He should have known what type of man he is, and can be pushed to, and what type of chick she is. Kids, done a relationship like this.

2. First Fort Hood, and now Orlando. They shootin ni99a...DUCK!!! What's with everybody poppin off this week? That F.H. ish is crazy, r.i.p. First 3 possible shooters down to one crazy a-rab. I use that term in jest. His family is denying him, and Jordan the counrty (not the weed smokin hoopster) is denying dude like, 'nah son, that crazy muh fucka ain't one of ours!' Stop me if I'm wrong, but these were soldiers, paid to protect and fight for our country...and nobody had a piece to stop him earlier? This dude was a mental doctor too. Somethin ain't right y'all check the water and pass on the Kool Aide.
Orlando. Son, you been fired for like two years, you still holdin that grudge? Times are ill peoples. Hold you head, pray for your fam, and let's keep it movin in an orderly fashion. one love.

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