Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Brewer - Stop the violence

This kid lies in a hospital bed, hooked to a respirator. Burned over 65% of his body. What did he do? Owed another kid $40 bucks for a video game. Then he told police who stole his dad's bike as retaliation for that debt. 5 teens surrounded him, while he was doused and set on fire. Called a snitch, some of the kids found it funny while being questioned by police. This is Michael Brewer. He could be your son. Your nephew, or child's buddy. Ok, he should have come up with that paper, but half of you love on credit you don't have muh fuckas from Visa at your door with gas and bic. I know kids can mouth off, and be dicks. But this ain't the way y'all.

If you want to help Michael Brewer and his family with hospital bills and other expenses,
Make a payment directly to the Jackson Memorial Foundation

* Go to
* Click on “Make a Donation”
* Put in the Contribution Amount
* Under Contribution Details, click on “Other” and type in “Fund # 353”
* Then fill out the Contributor Info and Payment Info
* Click “Submit Your Donation”

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